Thursday, September 5, 2013

Why I like homeschooling so far ...

1. I love knowing what Jasmine is learning. Previously I only knew about what she was learning in math and language arts by looking at her homework. Although Jasmine is a chatty one, she used to be grumpy by the time we picked her up from school. It made talking about school subjects not very fun. These days she is happy to discuss various "school" topics at any time :)

2. We can make detours (instead of rushing from place to place :)

On our way home from dropping my son off at school one day, we saw an estate sign. On a whim we followed it. Neither one of us had ever been to one. It was amazing to see all the antique stuff overflowing in this house. I wonder if they all really belonged to one person. I was tempted to buy a rose plate set (for only $16!), but since I just moved and have many unopened boxes, I thought it would be wise not to rush to fill our new place. To remember our little side trip, we brought home a few old keys. The next lesson for Jasmine will be how to clean metal :)

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