Wednesday, August 21, 2013

The curriculum.

Ah, what can I say about picking a curriculum?

Too many options. Quite a few were interesting, yet, none really what I was looking for. In the end though, one must make a decision and so I did. Well, I made few decisions.

First, given that I have no experience in homeschooling, I thought it was best to enroll with a PSP (Private School Program). I picked one that doesn't require attendance, but takes care of all the paperwork (academic record maintenance, affidavit, etc). They also have a curriculum coordinator and offer standardized testing. I quite like the director. After speaking with her I felt much more comfortable about my decision to homeschool. It is good to know that there is reliable support and a real place to go to if I had any questions or problems.

Second was the decision about the curriculum. I went back and forth between Seton, Sonlight, and A Beka. In the end, Sonlight won. I have an avid reader, who has been reading 1-3 books almost every day this summer. Sonlight teaches many subjects through readers. So I think it will be a good match. I hope that it will make teaching my kid easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy! Could it be too good to be true? Hah! Probably!

Third came the decision for supplemental books. I love books! I could have bought another 50 books to teach so many interesting things, but I tried to be realistic. With a good sense, I picked only a few books from Seton to teach religion and to add to Jasmine's "just for fun" reading list. 

Fourth was the decision for art, music and spanish. Jasmine will be going to art class with a wonderful local artist to learn how to draw and paint. She got to know the teacher during a one week summer camp and I must say that I am impressed with the art she brought home. 

For music Jasmine will continue her piano lessons. This will be her third year. Last year it was often hard to keep up with piano practice, but this year I have piano practice scheduled along with her academic lessons. (wish me luck!)

For spanish, I ordered Rosetta Stone. I resisted for a long time, but I couldn't find any other good programs. Eventually we will try Homeschool Spanish Academy (an online program). But I believe, she should have a better spanish foundation before we start that.  

Of course there is also PE. I think the 10 hours of gymnastics she does every week should qualify for PE. She will also have a couple of swimming lessons, since I am taking my younger one for it, she might as well jump into the pool :)

Boxes and boxes of books arrived two weeks ago. Jasmine is super excited. Every day she has been peeking in the armoir that houses our homeschooling books. She has been begging to start school early. Hmmm, a good start to the school year!

Tomorrow is our first day of school!
*crossing my fingers*

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