Thursday, August 29, 2013

First week of school

The saying "time flies when you are having a great time", definitely applies to our first week of school.

I sent my little one off to first grade.
It was bittersweet. He mentioned that he rather be homeschooled like his sister. However, whenever we pick him up, he loves to talk about his day and his friends. So I'd say, everything is going well in that department for now.

Homeschooling Jasmine has been surprisingly enjoyable. With a set curriculum and a kid that learns with ease and a huge amount of enthusiasm, I am looking forward to it every day.

I must admit, there was one day Jasmine was less than enthusiastic. By 11am she looked at me with contempt every time I pulled out another book or asked her to work on an exercise. It was day 4 for us. We weren't doing anything different. Maybe it was just one of those days we all sometimes have (I hope).

Day 5 was awesome. Before we knew it, it was 1pm. (We usually end around 12:15.) We ended happy and hungry!

And so we continue to move forward.
Hope everyone who has started to homeschool has had a good start, too! =)

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